agent tremble (supah_schnazzy) wrote in thewhitestripes,
agent tremble

berkeley concert

if anyone is interested in going to the white stripes concert in berkeley on sept. 21, i am selling a ticket on ebay. (i'm super bummed i can't go.) link: ebay!

if you are interested but think it i am selling it for way too much, tell me too, bc i'd rather sell it for less than not sell it at all. =)

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oh, i am sooo interested in the ticket. i just want one for me. i just posted on the other whitestripes community. please consider me. i'm a sf student and would love to see them for the first time. i live in sf and can go anywhere nearby to pick up. heck, if you'd like i could even trade for an extra Devendra Banhart ticket i've got.
right now on ebay it is at 60 (no one had bid yet) and buy it now for 110. if in two days it hasn't sold i will fersh sell it to you for 60. (love devendra but can't make it to the show)

and let me add that it's a good possibility that no one will buy it on ebay? it's been there for a few days and i've had to keep lowering the price.
yeah, it looks like there are hardly any tickets for berkeley available. so it isn't a real hard ticket? how would i recieve it online? i thought you as the buyer are the only one who can print it out... i'm just a bit skeptical because i always buy the real ticket.
all i would have to do is forward you the email that i got from ticketmaster when i bought it, and then you print it out. its even simpler than the real tickets, just not as nostalgia inducing...

thanks eneway
does that mean you don't want the ticket?
i'm sorry getting back to you so late - haven't been online!
i saw on ebay that the bidding closed because someone "bought it now".

please let me know what's up!

thank you!